E-9 Corporation is a growing, efficient, and adaptive Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) experienced in information technology, administrative and management, and public safety services. We are very proud of our diverse workforce that is comprised of 86% veterans from all branches of the military, which currently includes one third that are service-disabled veterans.

E-9 Corporation focuses primarily on our customers’ needs by tailoring our services to best fit those needs by utilizing innovative and cost effective approaches, as well as working to maximize the return on investment.  In our adaptive and welcoming work environment, our project managers and team leads collaborate with the customer to understand the specific business requirements, define the scope, deliverables, and milestones of each project, and create a comprehensive portfolio that gives the customer the greatest choice and value for their investment. In addition, we provide training to our customers, which enhance the users’ experience and increases productivity.

E-9 Corporation brings process-based solutions to high-risk, complex initiatives.  With a hands-on approach to program and project management, we develop and integrate the people, processes and technologies to manage your project to a successful conclusion by providing detailed scheduling, tracking and resource allocation processes to help assure a quality end result that is timely, on target, and affordable.  Our ability to provide cost effective specialization is paramount to our success.

E-9 Corporation’s unique blend of services offers communication network providers and customers complete solutions to meet their requirements for data network and telecom system design implementation from product selection stage to system integration and product deployment.  We handle what appears to be non-technical or the very technical, and implement solutions that facilitate effective communications at every critical point of contact throughout. Additionally, we have internal and external alliances that allow us to support clients on long and short term programs/projects.  We help link all local departments, or geographically remote sites, together to enhance effective telecom communications throughout.

E-9 Corporation is committed to providing our customers with the right products, services, and solutions in a timely, effective, and cost sensitive manner while building strategic and strong relationships.

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